MLSListings Websites SEO

The following is a list of MLSListings Websites SEO features. You can also read a description of MLSListings Website features or compare our website plans.

Indexable Property Listing Details

List of indexable page links

Indexable Listings

Property Details pages are readily indexed by search engines and coded to maximize your WordPress site’s rank in search results.

Featured Listings & Top Picks Pages

Featured Listings and Top Picks pages create your site’s index of listings for search engines to crawl. Easily add Top Picks pages for the neighborhoods and subdivisions you work to optimize your ranking.

Property Detail Page URLs include address

Title, meta and keyword tags use listing address

Property Details URLs

Each Property Details page has the listing address built into the URL to maximize SEO. Plus, all IDX data appears under the custom domain of your WordPress site, boosting your SEO results.

Title, Meta & Keyword Tags

Property Details pages use the listing address in the title, meta & keyword tags to increase your ranking in search results.

Customizable page titles and permalinks

Social Media Optimization

Customizable Page Titles & Permalinks

You can further enhance your SEO by modifying the page titles, HTML page titles, and page permalinks on your WordPress site.

Social Media Optimization

Social sharing is encouraged to build external links. Visitors can easily share listings on Twitter, Facebook and any social media site.